Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lazy Night

As many of you know, John has been out of town taking the bar exam for the last couple days.  Even so, he made me promise I would eat regular meals and cook without him.  I am also in the process of packing everything up so we can move on Saturday.  One pan meals are a must.  Last night, I threw together what is for me a lazy meal.
Pasta with yellow and orange peppers, onions, and sausage.
I used Al Fresco brand chicken sausage with garlic and Muir Glen brand tomato sauce.  It turned out really well.
First I browned the sausage and onions.
Then I added the yellow and orange peppers, and cut up the sausage.
The pasta sauce went in next and put it on some pasta.  It was really good, took less than an half an hour and John will be pleased that I am eating real meals with out him. Win, win, win.

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