Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Transition foods

John and I just made a move, had a houseguest, and went on vacation in the last three weeks.  It's been a little crazy, but I thought I'd give you a peak into what we eat when cooking isn't necessarily the priority.
 This was breakfast our second morning.  Eating off the coffee table because our dining table had not yet arrived.  Pancakes, bacon (that's John's overcooked closer to the camera), grapes, and coffee.
 A beautiful pasta with baby broccoli and garlic, modified from this recipe at Smitten Kitchen.  I substituted baby broccoli and nutritional yeast for broccoli rabe and Parmesan.  It's surprisingly easy to make.
 Molten Chocolate cakes (recipe right off the box of Baker's bittersweet chocolate, or here)

 Nathan's famous fried potatoes. (Guest post to come)

And the breakfast of champions.  Isn't it amazing how we revert to old habits when old friends come to visit?

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