Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vegan Peanut Truffles

I have been trying out several recipes for vegan truffles, trying to find the perfect vegan truffle.  I have found I like best the ones that use coconut butter to create the smooth fatty-ness I have come to expect from truffles.  This recipe is pretty good.
Lesh Karan, who writes the blog says she made these by mistake when trying to make a nutella substitute.  Anyway, I really liked the idea, but wanted to use peanuts, so I did.  I substituted peanuts for the hazelnuts.  Because peanuts have more fat, I cut the coconut oil in half.  Because I only had ginger maple syrup, that is what I used, which gave it an interesting spicy undertone.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but it did give me an idea for a ginger truffle.  But that is for later.  When I rolled the truffles, I decided to cover them in chopped peanuts instead of cocoa powder.  They were a big hit with our dinner guests.
The recipe can be used as is, or modified how ever you like.  If you modify it, I would love to hear how and how it works.  I'm sure that Lesh Karan would as well.

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