Sunday, October 7, 2012

Other people's food

Today was a day of making other people's recipes.  It was fun and relaxing to not have to think about what to put in the food.  I thought I'd give my recommendations from the day.

First thing I made was these Yoga Cookies that Glutenfreesoyfreevegan recommended.  I used dried cherries and walnuts along with coconut milk for the liquid.  John says they are more like granola bites than cookies, but they are very good. 

Next was some drip beef.  It was the second recipe from this post.  It was really good, but fatty, rich, and a bit heavy.  I guess that is to be expected from a roast of this type.

Next, I made Happy Crackers.  I feel like all I've been doing the last few weeks is plugging My New Roots, but here I am doing it again.  These crackers are so incredibly tasty.  I made half the recipe with poppy seeds and a generous helping of salt, and the other half with sundried tomatoes, rosemary, and pine nuts.  Both are addictively good.

And last I made Italian Batter Bread from Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads to go with the drip beef.  Another one I push a lot I'll admit, but it's good.

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