Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Leftover Hash

Well, I hope all my United States readers had a very successful Thanksgiving, feast or not.  We spent the day with my sister and our family, eating way too much, waiting about 15 minutes, and then stuffing any more space full again.  This morning, we are confronted, as I think many families in the U.S. are, with piles and piles of leftover.  I'll be sharing a couple of ways we come up with eating them in the next few days, most simple, but a few more decadent ways.

We will start simple.  Hash.  What is better than a hot plate of Thanksgiving leftover hash? (Except secretly eating apple pie for breakfast, it's fruit, right?)

Thanksgiving Leftover Hash

This recipe will work with pretty much anything you had for Thanksgiving, so get creative, we had:
roasted root vegetables
green beans
egg whites

Chop your turkey and veg into bite sized pieces.  Put a little olive oil in the bottom of a skillet and stir fry the turkey and veg until it is warm.  Don't cook too long or your turkey will get dry.  Add your egg whites (or whole eggs if you aren't feeling the healthier alternative) and fry until they are done.  Enjoy!  Maybe eat with a piece of toast with cranberry sauce as jelly.

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